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Denver Cares

Denver Cares!

Our mission is to provide assistance to families in need who live within the Denver Community School District, by gathering the contributions of the community and redistributing them.

Ways we help the community:

  • Christmas gifts and family baskets
  • Food boxes donated by local congregations, distributed around Thanksgiving and Easter
  • Miscellaneous gift cards
  • Crisis monetary assistance paid directly to landlord, utility company, etc.
  • Distribution of other various donations

Ways to help support Denver Cares:

  • Bringing monetary donations to any teller at Denver Savings Bank
  • Volunteer your time setting up the Denver Cares Christmas Giving Tree
  • Volunteer your time at the Christmas Packing Party
  • Selecting an ornament from the Christmas Giving Tree in the community center and purchasing a gift

Denver cares does not exist to provide grants or scholarships, to provide on-going assistance of any fashion, or provide case management services.